Background to Proof-of-concept

This is a proof-of-concept website to make accessible data collected by the Munster Women Writers Project between 1999 and 2005. A proof of concept artefact, it is being generated as an output for the MA in Digital Arts and Humanities in University College Cork for submission in August 2022. 

This pilot uses a sub-set of the original c.560 writers, selecting the 61 entries for writers from, or associated with Co Tipperary, between 1800-2000.

The data was previously available online from 2007-2013 on a dedicated Munster Women Writers Project website which no longer exists. An archived version is visible via the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine by clicking on the link below which will open in a new window.

Munster Women Writers (2013)
MWW Logo

The objective of this site is to make accessible the data of the MWW project, in line with FAIR Principles, Open Data guidelines and sector best practices. This will be achived by using Omeka to build a Dublin Core compliant, OAI retrievable resource suitable for web archiving. As the goal of this pilot is to return data gathered by the original project to the digital domain the focus of this site is on the content of the database itself, rather than on recreating the original website functionality or appearance.

This Omeka site is being used to:

1 (re)present data gathered by the MWW project; 

2 provide a brief history of the MWW project, images from the original project website, and an overview of the processes undertaken in this case study;

3 present a Dublin Core compliant resource that is searchable using OAI protocols and suitable for web archiving, and aggregation by DRI/Europeana.

This pilot project is being undertaken by Joan Murphy (BA, PGDipLIS, MSc) under the supervision of Dr Orla Murphy.