This is a proof-of-concept project to make accessible data collected by the Munster Women Writers Project between 1999 and 2005.

This pilot uses a sub-set of the original ~560 writers, selecting the 61 entries for writers from, or associated with Co Tipperary, between 1800-2000.

The data was previously available online from 2007-2013 on a dedicated Munster Women Writers Project website which no longer exists. An archived version is visible via the Internet Archive's WayBack Machine by clicking on the link below which will open in a new window.

Munster Women Writers (2013)
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The Munster Women Writers Project was one of the first Humanities projects with a significant digital element to be undertaken in Ireland. A literary and bibliographic research project, it was part of the three-strand Women in Irish Society: Understanding the Past and Present through Social Research and Archives. Women in Irish Society (WISP) took a collaborative approach to research and involved staff from three academic departments in University College Cork – Applied Social Studies, English and Sociology. WISP received a significant research grant from the Higher Education Authority under the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI 1) in 1999 and was officially launched in February 2000.